The Cost of Living Alone in the US

Scholaroo’s data team analyzed the main factors involved in the costs of living alone in the United States.

Exploring financial independence in the US involves understanding the costs of living alone. As financial responsibilities evolve, understanding the costs of living alone is crucial for securing a stable financial future. Scholaroo’s data team has examined key factors in the economic challenges of solo living over a year, providing insights to help individuals shape their financial strategies more effectively.

Embark on a journey through the US state rankings and uncover their implications with the interactive map below. Select your metric of interest and hover over the graph to see each state’s differentiated ranking!

The costs of living alone across the US

Breakdown of per capita costs by state


To establish a ranking of the 50 US states based on the costs associated with living alone for a year, the Scholaroo data team identified six key metrics: Rent, grocery, health care, gasoline and other energy goods, utilities, and gym cost. Then, publicly available data on the average per capita figures over a year associated with these metrics was analyzed.