The U.S Teacher Shortage 2024: A State by State Breakdown

To understand the teacher shortage on a national scale, Scholaroo ventures to discover the most recent data showing the number of teachers in public schools in each state compared to the number of students enrolled in public schools.

At the heart of our society lies the invaluable teaching profession – entrusted with nurturing the educational journey of our youngest generation. Yet, a concerning trend has emerged: the growing shortage of educators in the United States. As the demand for this vital role increases year after year, addressing this pressing issue has become more imperative than ever.

Scholaroo has examined the latest data, revealing the ratio of teachers to students in public schools in each state to better understand the teacher shortage in the U.S. and to illustrate the deficit on a state-by-state basis. On the other hand, the report also uncover the subject areas with the highest shortages across the country.


U.S. Teacher-to-Students Enrolled in Public Schools Ratio


Subject Areas with Shortages by State

Amidst the nationwide shortage of teachers, certain subject areas experience more pronounced deficits than others. The interactive map below highlights subject areas facing shortages across all 50 states.



In order to analyze the teacher shortage in the U.S, Scholaroo´s data team gathered information from official public data available that displays the number of teachers and students enrolled in public schools in each state.

The shortage area information is also an official public data (2022 - 2023) and reflects the total subject area shortages and the subject areas with shortage across the country.