OSU Agricultural Education Scholarship Inc.

$1,000–$1,500Award Amount
1Number of Awards
2/1/2023Submission Deadline

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Scholarship programs in the United States are not only provided by individuals and non-governmental organizations. Most colleges and universities in the U.S. offer financial aid for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate studies. Oklahoma State University (OSU) is among the schools in the U.S. that offer lots of scholarship programs.

Each year, Oklahoma State University provides the OSU Agricultural Education Scholarship. The scholarship is available to freshman students who are pursuing an undergraduate degree in Agricultural Education at Oklahoma State University. Transfer and continuing students are eligible to apply.

Winners of the scholarship program will receive between $1,000 and $1,500. The award amount will be used for their tuition fees at OSU.

Key Information of OSU Agricultural Education Scholarship Inc.

Study Details

Area of Study

  • Agriculture
  • Education

Country of Study

United States

Specific Schools

Oklahoma State University

Scholarship Details

Intended Level of Study


Award Amount


Number of Awards


OSU Agricultural Education Scholarship Inc. Timeline

August 2023

Application Opening Date

Applications open on August 1.

October 2023

Submission Deadline

The submission deadline is on October 1 for the spring semester.

February 2023

Submission Deadline

The submission deadline is on February 1 for the fall semester.

Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible to apply, applicants must meet the following criteria.

  • Eligible Grade: College Freshman – Undergraduate
  • Maximum Age: Any
  • Required GPA: 2.75
  • Geographic Eligibility: Oklahoma
  • Gender: Any
  • Race/Ethnicity: Any

Application Requirements

Here’s what you need to submits besides your application.

  • Financial Information
  • Short Answers
  • Grade transcript
  • Recommendation letters

How to ace the OSU Agricultural Education Scholarship Inc.


Declare an agricultural education major at OSU

You cannot apply and win the scholarship if you are in a major aside from agricultural education. Therefore, you must be accepted to pursue an undergraduate degree in agricultural education in order to qualify to apply and win the scholarship.


Choice of references and early notifications

Your references or recommenders must be those who know you well enough to be willing to speak to your abilities and demonstrate why you make the perfect candidate for this scholarship. So, choose them wisely. Also, contact them and send them the required forms very early on to allow them enough time to complete them.


Reach out to past and present recipients

Recipients of the scholarship program applied some strategies that made their applications strong enough to win the award. Consider reaching out to them in your school so as to learn their strategies and maybe apply them.


Review your application before sending it

After gathering your application documents (transcripts and recommendation letters) and filling out your online application form, do not submit your application immediately. Go through your documents carefully to confirm the details. Afterward, proofread the information you provided in your online application form. Upon confirming that all the details are correct, you can now send your application.

How the OSU Agricultural Education Scholarship Inc. is Judged

Applications are assessed based on academic records, leadership, and financial need.

Why We Love the OSU Agricultural Education Scholarship Inc.


It is available to every gender

Every male and female student at OSU majoring in agricultural education is eligible for the scholarship.


Promoting the study of agriculture

The scholarship is aimed at encouraging students to pursue agricultural education so that they can have the skills and knowledge to tutor other students after graduation.


It is available to any age

The scholarship program is offered to undergraduate students irrespective of their age (both young and old).

5 Facts About OSU Agricultural Education Scholarship


Financial need is a must

Applicants must declare financial need when applying for the scholarship.


Up to $100,000 in scholarships offered annually

Oklahoma State University through the Department of Agricultural Education, Communications, and Leadership offers up to $100,000 in scholarship awards to students in the department on an annual basis from the support of numerous donors.


No discrimination

The scholarship is offered to students at Oklahoma State University irrespective of their race or ethnicity.


Two reference letters are required

The application to the scholarship program requires the submission of two recommendation letters from two professionals.


Awards are not paid directly to winners

The scholarship money is not paid directly to the recipient, however, it is paid directly to OSU as part of the recipient's tuition.

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