Jay Charles Levine Scholarship

$3,200Award Amount
1Number of Awards
2/21/2023Submission Deadline

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United Negro College Fund (UNCF) was established in 1944 and has grown to become the country’s largest and most effective private sponsor of minority group scholarships. The Jay Charles Levine Scholarship is one of UNCF’s need-based scholarship programs. All students are welcome to apply for this scholarship program as long as they are full-time students enrolled in a UNCF member school in the Michigan area and meet all other eligibility criteria.

The goal of UNCF is to establish a solid, widely renowned network of underrepresented students. Through different programs, the UNCF awards more than 10,000 scholarships to more than 1,100 universities across the country each year. Applicants are selected based on their academic accomplishments and competence, with financial need playing a minor role in the decision.

The Jay Charles Levine Scholarship program provides resourceful and talented students with access to a conducive and enlightening educational environment, as well as mentoring and counseling towards lifelong opportunities outside of college. Scholarships worth a total of $11 million were awarded to students in the foundation’s top five cities: New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC.

Key Information of Jay Charles Levine Scholarship

Study Details

Area of Study


Country of Study

United States

Specific Schools

UNCF Affiliated

Scholarship Details

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Jay Charles Levine Scholarship Timeline

October 2022

Application Opening Date

Applications open on October 25.

February 2023

Submission Deadline

The submission deadline is on February 21.

April 2023

Awards Announcement Date

The winner(s) will be announced in April.

Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible to apply, applicants must meet the following criteria.

  • Eligible Grade: College Freshman
  • Maximum Age: Any
  • Required GPA: 2.75
  • Geographic Eligibility: Michigan
  • Gender: Any
  • Race/Ethnicity: Any

Application Requirements

Here’s what you need to submits besides your application.

  • Essay
  • Recommendation letters
  • Grade transcript

How to ace the Jay Charles Levine Scholarship


Make contact with previous winners

The scholarship has a huge alumni base, as shown by the UNCF website. You could try to approach them, particularly those who live close by and ask for guidance and suggestions on how to improve your application and, ultimately, win the scholarship.


Choose a topic that inspires you

Your personal statement is important since it allows the scholarship committee to get a deeper understanding of you. Writing about topics you’re interested in will have a higher impact than writing about topics you’re unfamiliar with.


Differentiate yourself from others

Writing a personal statement of career interest is one of the criteria included in the application. You may take advantage of this by stressing your strengths, which will help you stand out from the crowd.


Check for errors via proofreading

Double-check your application until you are satisfied with it. When you’re done, have someone else go through it to see if there are any errors you overlooked. Having a second or third eye review is always advisable.

How the Jay Charles Levine Scholarship is Judged

Applicants are selected based on their academic accomplishments and competence, with financial need playing a minor role in the decision. Applicants are expected to be engaged in a college-going culture, where college is not an anomaly, but rather an expectation, with the assumption that all students can achieve this objective, and they are also expected to know how to make key judgments throughout their education journey.

Why We Love the Jay Charles Levine Scholarship


UNCF is invested in their scholars’ needs

The organization equips students with support and mentoring from competent and experienced adults to aid them in navigating the challenging college process.


You’ll be part of an alumni group

The organization provides not only financial aid, but also volunteer opportunities, job transition assistance, methods to reconnect with fellow alumni, and a wide assortment of other activities, both national and inter-alumni, all of which are coordinated by the alumni council.


Events to establish alumni and student ties

UNCF frequently hosts activities accessible to the public where members of the community can help students in getting to and through college. These gatherings, which include luncheons or breakfasts, conferences, balls, walks, and other student-related activities, are intended to strengthen student bonds.

5 Facts About Jay Charles Levine Scholarship


UNCF supports African American students

UNCF has assisted approximately 500,000 students in getting their college diplomas.


UNCF, the largest and most effective private sponsor

UNCF programs award more than 10,000 scholarships to more than 1,100 universities around the country, including their esteemed network of 37 HBCUs.


A wide range of programs are available on UNCF

UNCF offers not only scholarship programs, but also fellowships, internships, and faculty development incentives, all of which aid a lot of bright under-represented students and others in need.


Genuine and targeted K-12 advocacy

UNCF has long been dedicated to raising the number of deserving college graduates from underrepresented groups.


UNCF’s commitment to building a robust college pipeline

The foundation’s efforts to assist students in succeeding begin much earlier, even before they enroll in school.

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