Homeownership Rates by Ages in the U.S.

Scholaroo’s data team has revealed the changes in homeownership rates by age in the U.S in the last 40 years. Check it out!

Owning a house is something that not everybody can accomplish. Some people can afford it in their 20s, while others in their 50s, and some people never do.

Over the years, homeownership rates in the country have changed, depending on the age of the people or due to economic factors at the moment. Also, in some age groups, the changes are too small to be recognized.

Scholaroo’s data team was able to uncover the changes in homeownership rates by age over the last 40 years in the U.S. Let’s dive into the data and discover the interesting insights!


Homeownership Rates by Age

Key insights:

  • The age groups where the change remained constant over the years were the ones from 60 to 69 years old.
  • In most age groups, comparing 2002 to 2022, the homeownership rate declined.


Scholaroo's data team gathered information from official public sources displaying the homeownership rate by age in the last 40 years in the United States.