Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest

$25–$10,000Award Amount
84Number of Awards
9/26/2023Submission Deadline

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Grade Level:

Ayn Rand’s bestselling novel “Atlas Shrugged” covers a wide range of philosophical topics, from objectivism to capitalism and individualism.

Students must prepare an essay on one of the three topics based on “Atlas Shrugged” provided and all essays must be between 800-1600 words in length:

Applicants are required to submit their essays online via the official website. The prize money to be won ranges from the $50 semi-finalist prize to the $10,000 first-place prize.

Key Information of Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest

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Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest Timeline

February 3, 2022

Application Opening Date

The essay contest opens up in early February.

September 26, 2022

Submission Deadline

The final deadline for applications for the current year is the end of September.

Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible to apply, applicants must meet the following criteria.

  • Eligible Grade: High School Senior – Graduate
  • Maximum Age: Any
  • Required GPA: Any
  • Geographic Eligibility: Any
  • Gender: Any
  • Race/Ethnicity: Any

Application Requirements

Here’s what you need to submits besides your application.

  • Essay

How to ace the Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest


Brush up on your knowledge

To write the best essay effortlessly, make sure to read the “Atlas shrugged Novel” as the topics given for the essay are inspired by the novel. The novel holds the key to an effective and powerful essay.


Remember to be creative

Make sure your essay has a simple story with the judges and readers can relate to and is creatively written. Make sure it is related to the point that you want to convey.


Focus on the philosophical meaning

One of the important points to ace this essay is to understand and convey the philosophical meaning of “Atlas Shrugged” clearly and logically.


Be grammatically correct

Your essay needs to be grammatically correct and make sure there are no flow issues. The essay must not be inconsistent and make sure there aren’t any spelling mistakes too.

How the Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest is Judged

Essays will be graded based on whether the student can argue for and justify his or her point of view, not whether the Institute agrees with the student's point of view. The essay writing that is clear, articulate, and logically organized will be desired by the judges. Winning essays must clearly show an exceptional understanding of “Atlas Shrugged”'s philosophical meaning.

Why We Love the Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest


Wide range of prizes

The essay contest has so many cash prize winners for the participants ranging from $25 to $10,000 covering 84 scholarship winners.


Worldwide reach

The essay contest sees participants from all over the world entering the contest. It is an online competition, hence, it reaches a wide number of people across the globe.


No application fee

There is no application fee for this competition. You just need to submit the essay via the online link for free.

5 Facts About the Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest


Number of entries

Participants are allowed to submit one essay entry for the contest every year.


Focus on your writing

Your writing skills should be clear, logical, and as flawless as possible so that your essay can reflect your thoughts


Promotes reading habits

One of the primary aims of this essay writing competition is to educate and promote the habit of reading among people.


Learn about Ayn Rand

The competition gives participants the chance to learn about Ayn Rand's ideology and works.


Strict measures on plagiarism

The entire essay must be the unique work of the contestant as plagiarism will automatically result in disqualification.

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