Median Income by Generation in the U.S.

Scholaroo’s data team was able to discover the median income by generation across the U.S. Let’s explore the dollars behind the demographics and uncover the statistics!

Ever wondered how the numbers stack up when it comes to dollars and demographics? Get ready to dive into the heart of the matter as we take you on a breezy journey through the median incomes of different age groups across every state in the U.S. The aim of this report is to understand the financial pulse of our nation, breaking down income figures by age and state to reveal a colorful panorama of prosperity.

From the hustle of young professionals to the seasoned earners in their golden years, Scholaroo is here to unravel the economic tales woven into the fabric of each state. Join us as we turn data into digestible insights, making sense of the dollars and cents behind the diverse landscapes of the United States.


Median Incomes by Age Across the Country

Key Highlights
  • Millennials in Massachusetts have the highest median income.
  • Mississippi is the state where Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers have the lowest median income.
  • Gen Z has the lowest salaries in the country, with West Virginia being the state where they have the lowest income.
  • Generation X has the highest median incomes in the country.
  • Hawaii is the state where Baby Boomers have the highest salaries.
Full Data

Scholaroo's data team gathered information from official public data displaying the median household income by age across the U.S.