Median Debt by Generation Across the US

Scholaroo’s data team analyzed the median debt per generation and its characteristics across all 50 American states. Explore the results of the study!

Examining the median debt by generation is essential for gaining insights into the financial landscape of different age groups. Understanding the distribution of debt among generations allows individuals to make informed decisions about their financial well-being and plan for a secure future.

In today’s dynamic economic environment, where financial responsibility for retirement planning is increasingly placed on individuals, it’s crucial to analyze the median debt across various generations. The Scholaroo data team has gathered data that provides valuable information about the economic challenges faced by different age groups, helping individuals tailor their financial strategies accordingly.

Start exploring the mean debt by generation across the US report and its implications with the map below. Simply select the age group and hover over the graph to see the ranking and average debt figures by state.


The median debt by generations across the country

Average credit card debt by generation

Gen Z has the lowest average credit card debt in the country, which is 52% lower than the subsequent generation, Millennials, and 66.5% lower than the generation with the highest average debt in this category, Gen X.

Average student loan debt by generation

Baby boomers have the highest average student loan debt, which is 64.5% higher than that of Gen Z, the generation with the lowest average.

Average mortgage debt by generation

Proportionately, baby boomers pay the highest amount of mortgage debt each month relative to the size of their total debt.

Average auto loan debt by generation


To determine the rankings of median debt by generation across the United States, the Scholaroo data team has analyzed publicly available data on the debt situation of Americans.