Alcohol Price Index 2024

Scholaroo analyzed the alcohol price index data in all 50 states to reveal the price changes in the U.S. from 2022 to the present. Check it out!

Alcohol consumption occurs everywhere. Who hasn’t had a beer with a friend? Or a glass of wine with their partner? Or who hasn’t been to a party and tried some liquor? We know it exists, but do we know its cost?

The Alcohol Price Index report reveals data about general alcohol (liquor, seltzers, and beer), as well as specific insights about beer and wine, and how their prices have changed over the last two years in all 50 states.

Read on to discover the results for each state!



Key Highlights

  • Maryland has experienced the highest increases in all categories over the last two years.
  • Kentucky has experienced the lowest increases in all categories except for wine prices, making it still one of the places with the smallest changes.
  • New Jersey is one of the states with the lowest alcohol, wine, and beer price index in 2024.
  • The average nationwide alcohol price index is 113.2.

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Scholaroo's data team gathered information from official public data displaying the alcohol price index in all 50 states. This index serves as a representative of alcohol in general, including beer, wine, liquor, and seltzers. The Beer Index and Wine Index are specifically represented separately from any other type of alcohol.

With this data, we were able to determine the changes in prices for different types of alcohol over the years.