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15 Best Online Jobs for College Students

College students can get online jobs to make money, gain relevant work experience and network. This Scholaroo blog gives 15 different online jobs for college students with no experience.

As a college student, you can easily work from home with an online job. Many online jobs allow flexible hours that can be adjusted around your study schedule which makes earning while studying more convenient. There are many types of online jobs available for all skill levels that students can choose from. Some of the best ones include Customer Service Representatives, Copywriting Expert, Freelance Writer, and Data Entry Clerk.

This Scholaroo blog gives 15 easy online jobs for college students with no experience. These jobs can help college students earn around $1,000 weekly alongside their studies, avoid transportation costs, save commuting time, build professional network, and also pay for college expenses independently.


15 Online Jobs for College Students

Jobs for College StudentsWeekly Income
1. Customer Service Representative$1,148/week
2. Search Engine Evaluator$1,000/week
3. Copywriting Expert$1,000/week
4. Graphic Design$600/week
5. Web Developer and Designer$600/week
6. Micro Freelancer$150/week
7. Freelance Writer$500/week
8. Editor and Proofreader$400/week
9. Data Entry Clerk$200/week
10.Start An Art Business$50/week
11. Résumé Writer$50/week
12. Gaming$50/week
13. Textbook Flippervaries
14. Sell Old Clothesvaries
15. Sell notes with StudySoupvaries

#1 Customer Service Representative

Customer service representative

Many companies are now hiring customer service representatives that can work for them remotely. As one, you will be responsible for helping customers and solving their queries either on the phone, via emails, or through chats. Most companies accept applicants with no experience as they provide the necessary training required. Generally, you may also be allowed to choose the hours suitable for you.

How to get started: You can look and apply for Customer Service Representative jobs on platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed, FlexJobs, and WeWorkRemotely.

How much can you make: On average, you can earn around $17.97 per hour or $1,148 per week.

What skills you could learn: interpersonal and communication skills, problem-solving, and customer service.

#2 Search Engine Evaluator

Search engine evaluators conduct research and provide feedback that measures the accuracy of search engine results. They take up a series of tasks to perform their analysis, rating and reporting. These include getting familiar with a variety of web search engines, performing web searches on assigned topics, finding and reporting on qualitative data, and determining the usefulness of search engine results.

How to get started: Most search engine evaluator jobs will require you to either hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree or be in the process of earning one. Your degree should demonstrate that you have strong research, analytical and problem-solving skills. To get started, become technically fluent by getting training and certifications on search engines, computers, and troubleshooting tech problems. Then you can begin applying for jobs — it is a very competitive market, and most jobs also give an initial test when applying.

How much can you make: At $26/hour you could make over $1,000/week or over $1,500/month as a search engine evaluator when you work 15 to 20 hours a week.

What skills you could learn: Advanced computer skills, IT or technology expertise, understanding of social media platforms, knowledge of search engines, and analytic software among others.

#3 Copywriting Expert

A copywriter is someone who gets paid to write “marketing copy” in the form of long-form content, short product descriptions, and advertising slogans. Copywriters have the ability to convey an idea in writing that persuades an audience to take action. Actions such as signing up for a newsletter or a website, taking up a subscription, or sharing the website/information with others.

As a copywriter, you will be freelance writing, creating, or proofreading copy for a wide range of marketing materials, including blog posts, emails, ads, presentations, video scripts, headlines,brochures, and much more.

With this online job, businesses and organizations would pay you well to help them promote or sell their brand, products, or services effectively.

How to get started: Formal education and certification are not required to get work as a copywriter, but it could put you ahead as a beginner. Many businesses will require some form of a degree from applicants, so if you want to do this while in college a certificate could help you. Begin by drafting out ideas and creating a portfolio to present in your application.

How much can you make: For $35/hour you could make over $1,000/week and almost $3,000/month by working 15 to 20 hours a week.

What skills you could learn: Digital marketing, writing and communication skills, creative thinking, and research skills.

#4 Graphic Design

Graphic designers create visual content to communicate messages for businesses and individuals. This is another well-paying freelancing service, whether it’s creating something as simple as a website logo or something complex as an e-commerce catalog, or unique illustrations for blogs and social media posts.

It is an excellent way for skilled college students to make extra money. So if you have some design skills and talents then get started on your online job in graphic design.

How to get started: Learn how to use different design software, whether it is through an online course or YouTube videos. Different software platforms offer different design features, so get familiar with these and practice your graphic design skills. Choose an area of specialization in graphic design and start marketing your service.

How much can you make: At a minimum of $31/hour, you could make over $600/week or over $2,000/month when you work 15 to 20 hours a week.

What skills you could learn: Branding, marketing, print designs, Adobe Creative Suite

#5 Web Developer and Designer

Web developing and designing are among the highest-paying work-at-home jobs on freelance marketplace. Check for jobs on Fiverr, Freelancer, Flexjobs, and Upwork. The good news is that spending your free time learning how to code isn’t necessary anymore with tools like WordPress. These types of website applications allow you to build websites without knowing a single line of code.

For as long as you can navigate and utilize no-code tools, such as wordpress. You can get one of the best online jobs as a web developer and make money in college.

How to get started: Find your niche as a web developer and designer. Take up short courses or get certificates. You can begin by building meaningful projects, and create a portfolio website to showcase your skills. With just this, you can start signing up for freelancing sites such as Upwork.

How much can you make: At a minimum of $33.00/hour, you could make over $600/week and over $2,000/month, as a web developer working 15 to 20 hours a week.

What skills you could learn: UX/UI Design, User Flow, Wireframing & Prototyping, and Animations. You could also gain coding experience in WordPress, HTML/CSS/JS, and PHP.

#6 Micro Freelancer

Using platforms such as TaskRabbit and Fiverr to get virtual gigs that pay from $5 to $15 at a time is a quick and easy way to make money. Micro freelancers work different gigs such as proofreading documents, creating presentations, and monitoring social media for businesses and individuals. Most of the work is low pay and you may need to work odd hours but working as a micro freelancer could give you extra money to cover some of your expenses.

Unlike full-time freelancers, micro freelancers can make small amounts of money in a short period. By taking up different kinds of work, you can pick up new skills and try different things without any commitments

How to get started: Just sign up on TaskRabbit and Fiverr to get started. Remember that when working with clients you need to secure their business through excellent customer experience. You should use multiple micro-jobs platforms to get different clients and opportunities.

How much can you make: $5 to $150/week, it all depends on the type of work you do and how long it takes.

What skills you could learn: Writing, designing, networking, computer skills, administration, editing, proofreading.

#7 Freelance Writer

Freelance writers make their money by writing project-based work such as articles, ad copy, and other types of content on a self-employed basis. You could become a freelance writer by fulfilling project-based work for different businesses, organizations, and individuals.

The work you will do with this online job will vary per project. This will be both challenging and exciting as a college student. You will learn so much and practice your writing while you earn money. This also means that you should consider taking up some training or courses to accelerate your growth.

How to get started: Begin by creating a portfolio of your written pieces and learning about the type of content you would like to write. Then sign up on websites such as Express Writers, Fiverr, Upwork, and PeoplePerHour. You could also use employment websites and apply for part-time positions.

How much can you make: At $27/hour you could make over $500/week or over $2,000/month as a freelance writer working 15 to 20 hours a week. How much you can make depends on the projects that you take on at a time, and with platforms like Upwork and the others listed above, you may not be able to negotiate your pay per hour.

What skills you could learn: Writing skills, organization skills, editing skills, research and analytical skills, subject-specific knowledge, and even marketing skills.


#8 Editor and Proofreader

Working as an editor or proofreader typically involves giving feedback on written content, and editing content for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. While these are two distinct parts of the writing and publishing process, you can work part-time as an editor or proofreader, or both to make money.

This online job is perfect for the college student who enjoys reading or is majoring in languages, communications, business, and any major that typically requires long-form written work.

How to get started: While you may not need any certificates to get started, some companies will require a qualification of some sort that will demonstrate your writing experience or knowledge. Completing a course or getting certification is a great way to set yourself apart, and show that you know how to edit or proofread. A few platforms for freelancers may require you to take tests to prove your ability, so be prepared for those.

How much can you make: At $29/hour, you could make over $400/week or over $1,500/month as an editor or proofreader that is working 15 to 20 hours a week.

What skills you could learn: Editing and proofreading, communication skills, organization skills, time management skills, research and fact-checking, project management, and teamwork.

#9 Data Entry Clerk

Shows young man working an online job as data entry clerk or general remote worker.

A data entry clerk helps businesses input information into their systems. In this role, you would enter data into a company system, arrange the data, and review and inspect the data. For data entry jobs, there are no advanced skills or knowledge required. If you have strong typing skills and written communication knowledge you could do well in this online job.

The work of a data entry clerk has always been in demand. However, you should keep in mind, that there are a lot of scams around online data jobs. Before accepting any job, do some research to ensure that the company you sign up with is legitimate.

How to get started: You can begin by getting any relevant computer training or data entry clerk certificate. While none of that is necessary, having a certificate may boost your résumé. Which will give you an edge when applying for jobs. You will also need to structure your résumé and get some on-the-job training. Once you have this setup, you can start applying for jobs on Upwork.

How much can you make: When working as a (part-time) data entry clerk(15 to 20 hours a week). At a minimum of $14.11/hour you could make over $200/week, and almost $2,000 a /month.

What skills you could learn: Data collection and entry, CRM (customer relationship management) support, administrative or sales support. This depends on the kinds of businesses you work for.

#10 Start an Art Business

If you are an art major, or just enjoy art and making it, you could turn your hobby into a way to make money. By just uploading your art on your social media and gaining a following you can start selling to others. One of the best ways to sell more of your art is to create prints digitally or print trendy art on canvas, tote bags, pillows, and T-shirts.

How to get started: Use websites like which is a website that can help you sell your art. Alternatively, share your work with an image on your social media. You could also do commissioned work for others.

How much can you make: The pricing is entirely up to you, it is your creative work that you are selling.

What skills you could learn: Sales, social media marketing, creativity, art production, customizing

#11 Résumé Writer

Writing résumés and sharing résumé tips with others is an easy way to make money online. You could help strangers and other college students you know to make their résumés stand out by writing, editing, and proofreading them for them.

How to get started: The easiest way to get started is to share your services by word of mouth, then social media. Let everyone know about your services and ask them to spread the word about your work.

How much can you make: $50 to $75 per résumé

What skills you could learn: writing skills: grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, spelling. Technical writing skills, researching skills, letter writing and email writing skills.

#12 Gaming 

If you are a big gamer you could try to turn this into a side hustle using platforms like Mistplay or Twitch to earn cash. You may also be able to find a part-time job in the gaming industry if you are in graphic design and computer science.

How to get started: You can get started by creating a gaming blog, or YouTube channel, participating in gaming tournaments, or using Twitch.

How much can you make: Between $50 to $1500 a month as a small Twitch streamer.

What skills you could learn: Animation knowledge, graphic design.

#13 Textbook Flipper

Textbooks are expensive so flipping or reselling them after you are done with them could be a great way to earn some extra money. It does not even have to end with your textbooks, but others too. You can help resell your friend’s and peers’ textbooks too. 

How to get started: Start selling your textbooks around campus to students who are currently in your previous classes, or use buyback sites such as Bookscouter.

How much can you make: Varies based on the type of book you are selling.

What skills you could learn: entrepreneurship, customer service and reselling skills

#14 Sell Old Clothes

You could make money by cleaning out your closet, if you have tons of clothes that you do not wear anymore or plan on wearing, well sell them online. You could use your money to get new clothing and pay for smaller expenses with the money you make.

How to get started: Sell through Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, Etsy, and other online platforms that can link you to buyers.

How much can you make: Varies depending on how much you sell and how much you charge.

What skills you could learn: Sales, customer service, and advertising

#15 Sell notes with StudySoup

StudySoup gives a way to make money by taking notes in your college classes. You can earn a little pocket money, the biggest challenge is that some schools do not condone sharing the notes from your college online.

How to get started: Sign up on the app, and take detailed study notes from your classes and the program guidelines.

How much can you make: Varies depending on the offer on StudySoup and other apps like this.

What skills you could learn:note taking, writing and study skills




What is the best online job for a student?

Becoming a part-time Customer Service Representative is one of the best online jobs for a student. Students can easily make above $1,000 per week by working as one depending on the amount of hours they put in. The per-hour average rate for this job is $17.97. The working hours can also be flexible and adjusted around your college timetable.

Can I work online as a college student?

Yes, college students can find online jobs easily. Many jobs do not even require any prior experience and provide job training. A few jobs you can take on include becoming a customer services representative, data entry clerk, and freelance writer.

What is the easiest online job to get?

The easiest jobs to get online are those that do not require any prior experience. You can look for such opportunities on job listing websites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, WeWorkRemotely, FlexJobs, Upwork, and ZipRecruiter.