The Education System in US Post Covid 19

COVID 19 brought many changes to our society and especially to the education system. Scholaroo ventures to discover the relation between the decrease in student enrollment and the decrease in the number of public school teachers in each state.

Map Instructions: Go over it to see the different ratios of pupil per teacher

The COVID 19 had brought a lot of important changes to the education system, one of them is the historic decline in enrollment in fall 2020.

Between fall 2019 and fall 2020, enrollment in public elementary and secondary schools decreased by 2.7 percent. Because the decrease in enrollment was larger than the 0.2 percent decrease in the number of public school teachers, the pupil/teacher ratio also decreased.

The public school pupil/teacher ratio declined from 15.9 pupils per teacher in the 2019–20 school year to 15.4 pupils per teacher in the 2020–21 school year.

Key Findings

The states with the largest decrease in their pupil/teacher ratio were Indiana (-1.3 pupils per teacher), Arizona (-1.1 pupils per teacher), Kansas (-0.9 pupils per teacher), and Kentucky (-0.9 pupils per teacher).

It is not a surprise that Arizona is one of the states with the highest pupil/teacher ratio in the country since it´s ranked 8 with the highest teacher shortage in US.

Only three states reported an increase in their pupil/teacher ratio: Nevada, with a 0.8 increase; Florida, with a 0.2 increase; and Ohio, with a 0.3 increase.